We get great feedback on our online grammar course and we think it's important to share this with our potential students. We hope you will choose us and here are a few reasons why you should:

A fun course

This was a fun course to do and would recommend it to other people. I really enjoyed it.

Emma Morrey16/03/2016

Enjoyable and easy

Really enjoyable course, easy to follow. Would definitely recommend it, thank you.

Gillian Sinnett29/06/2016

Challenging but Rewarding

I enjoyed doing the course; it challenged a lot of the things I thought I knew about grammar and brought into focus the difficulties a non-native speaker might encounter.

Pauline Wright-Marchant28/04/2014

Like it a lot!

I recommend this Online Grammar Course to everybody who wants to improve their English language. Thank you, I like it so much.

Jindra Jezkova13/03/2014

Great Short Course

The course was a good introduction to English Grammar for those who are new to learning English and for those who are looking to revise or refresh their grammar knowledge. I had not studied grammar since school and for me this was a great short course to improve my grammar knowledge. I have recommended this course to several people as I found this course extremely useful.

Martin Procter22/02/2014

Aiming High

Brilliant. This is very useful, especially for those students who want to get a high score on English subjects.

Rajevkhan Baquerosa03/10/2014

Good value

This course is excellent value for money. I work in Further Education and I will be encouraging some of my colleagues to complete this course.

Steve Quashie23/12/2013

Lovely layout

Glad to have done this course! It was clear and laid out very well. Very good use of colours/graphs and pictures. My level of confidence with my grammar has increased.

Rachel-Liberty Phoenix-Muse01/11/2013

Recommended to friends

A very stimulating course and I will certainly recommend UK-TEFL to my friends.

Craig Cousins16/10/2013

Great Refresher

It is a long time since I left school and I did not realise how much I had forgotten. I have enjoyed the course.

Margaret Black08/09/2013

Confidence Booster

I really enjoyed the grammar course, I am 53 years of age and have not really studied since school. I will still need some help with grammar but I am feeling much more confident. I am really looking forward to my weekends with UK-TEFL. Thanks for all of your help.

Kevin Lewis-Cooper04/08/2013

Highly Recommended

I recommended to all my friends to study the Online Grammar Course.

Hasnaa Ghzayel13/07/2013

Very Good Course

I feel more confident and understand the aspects of grammar now, thank you.

Helen A Richardson14/06/2013

The course was fun!

I much enjoyed taking this course, which has improved my knowledge of English grammar, and which I found very satisfying. In particular, the course has helped me to connect various areas of knowledge of which I had some prior but only partial awareness.

John Mair26/05/2013

Discovering Grammar

I thought I knew grammar after studying English at University but there are things I didn't know and the way it was explained made it easy to understand!

Ben Richards18/09/2012

Highly Recommended!

I think the test is very good, it involves general grammar. I will work hard on it. I would like to suggest my friends to take this course.

Na Zhao14/09/2012

Grammar Refresher

I enrolled on the Online Grammar Course from UK-TEFL because I wanted to improve my English Grammar. I had not studied grammar since I was at school, which was a long time ago, and when applying for jobs I worried about my CV being full of grammar mistakes! The online course takes you through all aspects of English grammar, and now I have passed, my knowledge has improved immeasurably. I have now re-written my CV and am applying for jobs with much increased confidence.

Tom Sharpe06/09/2012

Improving my Grammar

The course has greatly improved my English, my grammar wasn’t quite up to scratch but it was very easy to complete! It’s definitely for anyone who wants to become more confident with their grammar in such a short space of time!

Amanda Brannon28/08/2012

Great Confidence Boost

The course was very user-friendly and easy to negotiate. It has boosted my knowledge of English grammar and given me the confidence to pursue a career in TEFL.

Kim Gilcrist25/10/2012

Everyone Needs a Refresher

I thought my level of grammar was quite good, but just goes to show everyone can do with a refresher! Loved the fact I could get a Level 2 qualification from just a few hours of work. Well worth the money.

Tasneem Miah30/08/2012