There are five sections in total – The Introduction, Level One, Level Two, Level Three and a Final Test. Each stage is made up of two parts, A and B, which give definitions of particular grammar points and examples to explain them further. At the end of each section there is a test. You must obtain a mark of at least 80% in order to progress. The final stage has no content, but rather is made up of questions to test your understanding of everything you have learned on the course.

To begin you will be given a quick fact sheet to help familiarise yourself with some of the language used on the course. This can be downloaded or printed as a reference point if you need to check any of the terminology.

The Introduction

Introduces some of the basic building blocks of English grammar. A series of mini tasks after each definition demonstrate how these work when actually used in a sentence.

Part A
- Nouns
- Verbs
- Adjectives
- Articles

Part B

- Adverbs
- Pronouns and Questions

Introduction Test: Includes 10 questions

Level One

Introduces the concept of tenses, which express the time at which an action takes place. Understanding tenses is vital to be able to express yourself in the English language as using the wrong one completely changes the meaning of the sentence.

Part A

Present Simple and Continuous
Past Simple and Continuous

Part B

Future Simple and Continuous
Present Simple and Continuous

Level 1 Test: Includes 20 questions

Level Two

Level Two elaborates on tenses and also looks at the passive voice, one of two special forms of verb in the English language.

Part A

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous
Past Perfect
Future Perfect

Part B


Level 2 Test: Includes 20 questions

Level Three

Some of the more complicated aspects and constructs of grammar are looked at to round up the course.

Part A
Modal Verbs
Relative Clauses

Part B

Phrasal Verbs
Collocations and Prefixes

Level 3 Test: Includes 20 questions

Final Assessment

The final test comprises 30 questions drawing on all the areas you have studied. The pass mark is 80% or over but if you don't pass the first time all is not lost. You have three attempts to complete the course.

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